- Dr. Hisashi Ishihara became the Assistant Professor (Tenure-track) at the Frontier Research Base for Global Young Researchers (Feb. 9, 2014).

- Our JoiTech team (Osaka Univ. and Osaka Institute of Technology) won the 1st prize in the Humanoid AdultSize League in RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven and got the Louis Vuitton Cup that is awarded to the most valuable team in the Humanoid League. Prof. Asada is famous as one of founders of RoboCup whose final goal is to build a team of eleven humanoids who can get a win against the human world cup champion team, and the adult size class in the humanoid league is the closest one to the final goal. The winning in this class at RoboCup 2013 consisting of various leagues with about 400 teams and 3000 participants may indicate Japanese big potential in science and technology.

- We welcome anyone with interest in our lab. Please check here to contact us.

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Since 1992, we have been focusing the emergent robotics that seeks for the design principle of robot behaviors through the interaction between the robot and its environment. 

 We take the cognitive developmental robotics approach through which we try to understand the development of increasingly complex cognitive processes in natural and artificial systems and how such processes emerge through physical/ social interaction.
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Prof. Minoru Asada

asada received Ph.D.  in control engineering from Osaka University in 1982. Since 1997, he has been a Professor of the department of Adaptive Machine Systems at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.  He was the president of the International RoboCup Federation (2002?2008) and was the Research Director of “ASADA Synergistic Intelligence Project” of ERATO (2005-2011). CV