About Us

Team JoiTech-SPL is originally derived from RoboCup team JoiTech, which participated in competitions of Humanoid AdultSize League since Japan Open 2010. Team JoiTech is composed of masters and doctoral students at Emergent Robotics Laboratory, Osaka University. This team was first started up as a new team in cooperation with students at Osaka Institute of Technology in RoboCup Japan Open 2010. The team name, JoiTech, is an acronym for "JEAP and Osaka Institute of Technology", and it also means "joint team with Institute of Technology" and "enjoy technology". The team had focused on Humanoid League AdultSize for several years. In RoboCup 2013 it took the league champion and best humanoid award. Then we decided to shift our focus to Standard Platform League. As the new team also kept the spirit of the original team, we design our team name by adding "SPL" to the original team name "JoiTech".


Our interest is to propose a computational mechanism that enable robots to improve the ability to estimate self-localization. We propose a mechanism to enable robots to predict temporal decrease of accuracy in their location estimation. The same mechanism enables robots to perform actions that lead to an increase of the environmental information. Doing so, robots will improve the estimation of its location in an active way. Our ongoing research is expected to bring substantial contribution for the self-localization performance of robots in the Standard Platform League.


Team's participation in RoboCup Open SPL competitions.

    - July2015(Hefei), Result: 22nd place(Drop-in), 18th place(TechnicalChallenge)

    - March 2016, Result: 1st place
    - March 2015, Result: 2nd place
    - March 2014, Result: 4th place


Our team is comprised by researchers and graduate students as listed below.

    - Minoru Asada (Professor)
    - Yuji Kawai (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor)

  Graduate students
    - Jorge Luis Copete Vasco (Team Leader)
    - Masaya Kataoka (Team Leader)
    - Yuki Yamashita
    - Koki Ichinose
    - Wu Binyi