CREST and RISTEX projects were adopted!!

Our research proposals were adopted as CREST and RISTEX projects, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). I’m a co-investigator in the CREST project and a research collaborator in the RISTEX project.


Research Area: “Symbiotic Interaction: Creation and development of core technologies interfacing human and environments” (Program Supervisor: Kenji Mase)

Project: “An exploration of the principle of emerging interactions in spatiotemporal diversity” (Principle Investigator: Ichiro Tsuda)

Period: October 2017 – March 2023


Research Area: “Human-Information Technology Ecosystem” (Program Supervisor: Jiro Kokuryo)

Project: “Legal being: electronic personhoods of artificial intelligence and robots in NAJIMI society, based on a reconsideration of the concept of autonomy” (Principle Investigator: Minoru Asada)

Period: October 2017 – September 2020